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Quite simply, there are no better beans, grains and lentis available from Italy - or elsewhere.  Agribosco s.l.r. is a processor of 100% organic legumes, grains and seeds. They were founded in 1989 by the Cinti family who still run the entire operation. Their founding principal was to take healthy, organic harvests and transform them into products that are not only healthy and natural but also delicious and environmentally conscious.


Agribosco utilizes the raw material of more than 140 small organic farmers nestled in each region where their products are traditionally grown.  Each farmer is a member of the “Consorzio Agrobiologico AGRIBOSCO,” and supplies their product exclusively to Agribosco for processing and distribution to market. Each farmer still follows the traditional and natural way of cultivation, adhering strictly to organic standards, and is certified organic by European and USA laws.

The member farmers subscribe to a program to preserve biodiversity. Named “Ancient Seed,” the program forbids G.M.O. in any of the agriculture used.  Dedicated to preserving the seeds of central and norther Italy, they use seed stock exclusively of the ancient varieties in that region. The result is a healthier product, friendly to the Earth, and a product full of the traditional taste found in typical regional recipes.




Today Agribosco is producing healthy organic and delicious Italian Farro, Barley, Lentils (both small green and red), and a great variety of legumes: Cannellini, Tondini, Corona, Borlotti, Garbanzo, and more.  There are also beautifully milled products: Farro, Buckwheat and Chickpea Flour. We are very honored to represent Agribosco and be able to bring these beautiful products to our customers.


Agribosco is located in Sigillo, Italy, in the northeastern corner of Umbria at the base of Mount Cucco, not far from the beautiful medieval city of Gubbio.





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