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Del Monaco Organic - .75 Liter Bottle

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Del Monaco EVO .75 Lt
3.00 LBS
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This organic extra virgin olive oil is produced in Strongoli, Calabria completely from olives grown on the estate of Azienda Agricola Del Monaco.  The owner, Luigi Emanuele Romano, oversees every phase of the operation, from cultivation of the trees, prunig, harvesting the fruit and crushing the olives.


His oil gains a very unique charachter from the blend of more familiar olives, such as Leccino and Frantoio, but especially from the native and very rare Tonda Strongolese. Tonda Strongolese is an ancient olive cultivar documented in Calabria by Basilian monks in the 6th Century.  Today it grows exclusively in a very small region on 300 year old trees. 


The reference to the Basilian monks carries through to the design of the beautiful gilded lable with the antique monk's image.  Many of our customers when they call order "the monk oil."


The oil is intense, somewhat bitter, grassy, a bit herbaceous and packed with flavor.  It has light pepper on the finish and a pleasant bitterness. This oil is from the late 2015 harvest. 


Application: This is a finish oil that will add character and flavor overtones to any dish.  We particularly like it on grilled meats.

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Product Reviews

  1. Fuler bodied 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Sep 2013

    Wonderful oil fuller bodied then Francesco de padova great with slightly more bodied foods

  2. www.nikkoeightjp.info,ホリスタ 送料,ホリスタ socal 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Jul 2013

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