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Francesco De Padova 100% Certified Organic

Estate Grown Extra Virgin Olive Oils  from Puglia




In Italy when something is certified organic, it is called biologico.


Sig. Francesco de Padova

The organic extra virgin olive oils from Francesco De Padova is produced entirely from their 1,000 acre estate in the D.O.P. zone Terra d’Otranto in sun-drenched and beautiful Puglia, where 40% of Italy’s olive oil is made.


The olives for this oil are grown with only vegetable and organic fertilizers, and there are no pesticides or chemicals used on their estate.  All steps of the production are strictly controlled and certified by AIAB, the Italian Association of Organic Farming.

Olives are picked and cold pressed within 12 hours, retaining maximum polyphenols, the anti-oxidants that keep the oil fresh longer, and are key to the good health benefits of olive oil.  


In all, we offer eight olive oils from De Padova. Six of these are organic, estate grown finishing extra virgin olive oils: an organic blend of varietals dubbed Sig. De Padova's Personal Blend, and five monocultivars - oils made from a single varietal - each with a unique quality of that olive - from very soft and fruity to agressive, strong and bitter. 


We also offer two very special oils for general purpose applications in any kitchen. Both of these are bulk packed in five liter tins. One is an extra virgin olive oil with an acidity of under .5% and the other is a blend of olive oil and between 30-50% extra virgin olive oil. Both of these are made from olives crushed in De Padova's modern frantoio but consist of olives both from his estate and the surrounding community's farms.  These oils are not certified organic. Both of these are our most popular oils in restaurant kitchens because of their dependably consistent high quality and price-performace.


Francesco De Padova is located in lower Puglia in the heart of the Salentine Peninsula.  If you find yoursel in that beautiful part of Italy, don't miss booking at Masseria Bosco, the beautiful hotel, spa and restaurant set in the olive groves on the De Padova estate. 

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