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Fresh Frozen Artisan Agricola Pizza


One of our commercial customers is the Italian Dough Factory (IDF) who makes exquisite artisianlly crafted pizza from many of the high-quality ingredients we supply to them. Most importantly, is the Pala & Pinsa Flour Mix  that they use to make their pizza dough.  The special ingredients and milling technique of this flour mix are designed to advance the creation of Roman style Pinsa pizza.  Together pizza-in-oven-border.pngwith IDF's proprietary dough methodology, learned over 30 years ago in Italy, they produce a pizza of unique taste and digestibility not found in other commercial pizzas. 


IDF's dough starts with over 72 hours of fermentation along with very high hydration (amount of water absorption by the flour)  and hand-stretching that produces large air bubbles creating a very light pizza dough that will not leave you stuffed or bloated.  IDF's commitment to good health insures you are getting a product with no GMO, chemical additives or preservatives. Just all natural ingredients made with care.


When we saw IDF's beautiful pizzas made with our ingredients, we knew we had to offer them to our website customers.  We geared-up to store and ship frozen pizzas packed in cases of four and shipped in an insulated thermal bag with a cold pack. Using only 2-day shipping, they should arrive at refrigerator temperature. We think we have done it... and made it possible for you to enjoy these healthy, natural, delicious Italian pizza in your own home.


All of IDF's pizzas are sold under the brand name Agricola.


Here is how easy it is:



Storing and Cooking Instructions:

Remember that Agricola pizzas are made only with natural ingredients without any preservatives so care must be taken to insure their freshness.

When they arrive, if they have defrosted, you may refreeze them for up to 25 days.  If you put them in the refrigerator defrosted, you may keep them for 5 days.

For best results, the pizza should be at room temperature when baked in a preheated 500 degree oven.  You can get great results by using a pizza stone.


If your pizza is frozen, you can best bring it to room temperature before baking by:

     Using the microwave on full power for one minute or the defrost setting for
     five minutes, or

     Leave in the refrigerator over night, or

     Leave at room temperature for one hour 


Choose one of the Delicious 4-Pack Flavors


Four Cheese,

Portobello Mushroom,


Variety Pack with All Four









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