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2020 Olio Nuovo is Now Completely Sold Out!

Thank To Everyone.


Report from Olivestri on this Year's Quality

We were thrilled to get the report from Frantoio Olivestri that "we're sure you will not be disappointed as the quality of both the olives and the olive oil are superb this year."  We are disappointed that we can't be there to see for ourselves, but these words and pictures fill us with anticipation.

Check Out these Beautiful Olives and Olive Oil



   Placing Orders

Our supply will be extremely limited with only one air shipment.
We will definitely sell out.  

We are anticipating that our restaurants will be ordering quite a bit less this year (they are operating at less than 50% capacity), so we have moderated our order, but there is still a strong demand from you, our web customers, for this precious commodity, especially with the reports of good quality.  

All orders are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis until our supply is exhausted.


Price & Timing for Fulfillment

We finally got quotations for the air cargo.....  Damn! It is expensive.  The airlines are not carrying people to pay the operation of the flights, so the cargo is paying - all of it. The price increase you see this year, is all in the surge in cargo cost.... the oil from the frantoio was stable.


Casa de Case is one of the only sources in the United States of true
Italian olio nuovo.  

We fly it in direct from Frantoio Olivestri in Umbria as soon as it is crushed.

If you are not familiar with this artisinal producer, you can read about them here.

All of our olio nuovo is completely unfiltered.

For a precious few weeks after crushing, olive oil is wonderful pungent, hot-peppery, and has an intensely fruity, vegetable quality. This is called olio nuovo, literally "new oil".

All of Italy celebrates the olio nuovo with festivals in the frantoio (olive mill), and bottles of the intense oil appear in every restaurant. 

Learn more about olio nuovo here. 



      Enjoy a Short Video of
Olive Oil Production at Frantoio Olivestri



What About the Festa?!

For those of you who are local, the Festa for the Arrival of the New Oil and accompanying warehouse sale, is a highlight of the year.

Obviously, with COVID-19 we can't arrange a Festa to be anything like it has been done for so many years, so we are organizing a Virtual Festa. Click on the poster below for details.





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