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granoro-head.pngAll of our pasta is from Granoro which is located  in Puglia, home of Italy’s highest quality durum wheat.  Family owned and run, Granoro insists on fastidious selection of the highest quality semolina, using only the core of the durum wheat kernel to produce pasta with extremely high gluten content yielding a bright yellow color, and a distinctive and delicious taste and elasticity. This high elasticity gives a perfect "al dente cooked pasta that will never fall apart. It absolutely holds up better than any other pasta, making it ideal for restaurant applications.


"La Migliore in Assoluto!"  -- The Absolute Best!

That’s what tasting panels judged Granoro in competitions
with the eight best selling pastas in Italy.

“Perfect cooking time, ideal consistency, exquisite taste, perfect in color.”

Every panelist judged it perfect with and without sauce.”


Our Granoro pasta offerings are drawn from several of their lines. While all their pasta is excellent, the ones in the Attilio and Dedicato lies are the ultimate quality.  They are all bronze extruded and very, very slowly dried.  The Dedicato line is all made from wheat grown in nearby fields in Puglia. When in Italy you can find this line at all Eataly outlets.


Here we present a selection of Long and Short shapes as well as their really good Gluten Free pasta.


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