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We offer two extra virgin olive oils from Sicily.  They are very different, and each is a beautiful olive oil.



The Asaro family started harvesting and crushing olives in 1916 in Partanna, Sicily in the province of Trapani, just outside the city of Castelvetrano, famous for the bright green olives bearing that city’s name. This beautiful valley, formed by the Belice River – the Valle del Belice - produces delicious, fruity extra virgin oil and their famous table olives.


Today Antonio Asaro leads his sons and daughters in their several labels of which the one that bares the family name - Asaro - is the highest quality. Their products are based solely on the monocultivar olive Nocellara del Belice.  Of the various olive oils they produce, the top of the line is Paesano Organic.  This is the only Asaro oil we offer, because it is their very best.  The family also cures Castelvetrano olives.  They are delicious, and we offer them in several forms.





The estate of Peitro Basiricò is located in the splendid plaines of Trapani at the bottom of Mt. Erice.  Here he and his family gorw and process olives that are varietals typical of the region.  There is Cerasuola, brassy and herbacious, Nocellara del Belice, sweet and fruity and Biancolilla, very delicate.  All of his oils are estate grown in the D.O.P. region of Valli Trapanesi. They are hand picked and crushed in the family's own frantoio on the estate.  Of the several oils that they produce, one stands out as a stunning extra virgin olive oil: Principe di Malumeri.  




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Mt. Erece from the Valli Trapanesi 


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