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 Ingredients, Ingredients, Ingredients


Among our favorite Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations episodes was the one on Rome. Here in this short clip, he and Cesare Casella talk about our favorite thing: the importance in Italian cuisine of Ingredients.

 Casa de Case Panna Fresh Pasta Segment


Panna is visually stunning step-by-step cooking recipes for the home chef taught by some of the country's best chefs. Panna Origins is an extension of the recipes in which they explore in-depth some of the ingredients in the recipe. We were honored that Michael Tusk of Quince and Panna chose Casa de Case and the Molino Pasini zero zero pasta flour as one of the ingredients to highlight. Enjoy!

Olive Oil Production


Here you can see the complete process for crushing the olives and extracting the oil.  

Festa dell Bruschetta


Every year on the last Sunday in October Frantoio Olivestri has a Festa to celebrate the harvest and production of the olio nuovo - the new oil. In October 2006 when we were there with our chef customers on the Giro in Italia tour, a troup of traditional dancers appeared to entertain.

Preparing for Dinner


One of the big highlights of our Giro in Italia every year is the big dinner the chefs perpare for the Vestri family and friends. It is always an amazing event!

Truffle Dinner in Gubbio


The last stop on our Giro in Italia tour is a visit to the compound of  Agribosco, the processor of the beautiful organic beans and grains that we import.  In this year, the Cinti family (owners of Agribosco) took us all to a fabulous truffle dinner in Gubbio.  Just wonderful!

Making Pici


in 2009 prep for the Verstri dinner was an all day afair because the chefs decided to, among other things, make pici.   Graziella, the owner of the agriturismo, joined in to teach everyone her technique.  Check out Jason Neve of B & B in Las Vegas flipping his rabbit ragout.  It was more delicious than it looks.

 Mechanical Olive Harvest - Francesco De Padova, Puglia


Francesco De Padova has almost 1,000 acres of olive trees - all completely organic.  The entire operation is under the supervision of the family.  Some of the olives are piceked by hand, others, if the trees are just the right age, are harvested with this crazy device that shakes off the olives.  Facinating.

 Lauretana Introduces Precious


The newest format from Lauretana is called Precious - because it is just that. A personal sized bottle of 33 ml - designed by PininFarina and filled with either naturale - still, or frizzante - sparkling pristine mineral water. The purest water you can find. Bottled without any filtration direct from the source high up on Mt. Rossa.


 The Fifth Element


Check out this beautiful video from the Italian Trade Commission..... you will know why we are in love with Italian food.


 The New Reality with COVID-19!


Most of our restaurant customers are closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Those brave ones that are open are making soulful and delicious hot food for you to pick up or have delivered.  support these great restaurants!




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