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Giro in Italia


During the last weeks of October and the first weeks of November, Casa de Case sponsors a tour of Italy with the chefs from some of our restaurant customers.  The goal is to hook them up with their ingredients, to get them to know the producers, and understand their commitment to quality that distinguishes these great oils.  It is a chance to visit the frantoio while the oil was being made, see first-hand the methods of production, feel the mist of the oil on their faces and taste the new oil streaming from the mill.


We start our Giro in Rome, then travel to Puglia to visit Francesco De Padova, then travel north to Frantoio Olivestri in Umbria, where the chefs all gather on the last day in the kitchen and put together a spectacular meal with ingredients forged from local sources along the way.

After Olivestri we move to near Gubbio to the compound of Agribosco, the producer of the beautiful organic beans, grains and specialty flours we import, and we enjoy a dinner on our last night on the road. 


We also manage to visit two wineries, Mustilli in Campania and Baldetti in Tuscany.  Along the way we spend a night in Le Marche at Ascoli and visit the fabled pork producing town of Norcia, 

 Here is the whole trip:

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 (some day I will assemble 2007 & 2008)
There are also some fun videos on the Select Videos Page


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