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We are proud to be the first U.S. importer to represent the extremely high quality products of Azienda Agricola Dottore Vicenzo Rapio located in the legendary rice growing region of Bassa Novarese, also called La Bassa – or the lowlands -   south of Novara, Piedmonte. Here we find the source of Italy’s finest rice for making risotto.

vincenzorapio.jpgVincenzo Rapio

Dott. Vicenzo Rapio’s rice is estate grown in their own risaie (rice fields) which are fed by the abundant rivers and streams that flow from the Alps through these lowlands to the Po River. Rapio uses only agricoltura ecocompatibile, environmental friendly agriculture, shunning the use of pesticides and employing only natural fertilizers. Rapio’s products are vacuum packed at the factory, guaranteeing the best possible conservation of freshness and denying any possibility of moisture absorption during transport or storage.

Vincenzo Rapio and his wife Kity along with their two sons Michele and Francesco grow and process several types of rice, all for making risotto.  Amongs these are Carnaroli and Vialone Nano, the two kings of risotto rice and are the ones we offer.  

Carnaroli is designated superfino and is considered by most the ultimate risotto rice, and favored by chefs from Milan and all of Piedmonte.  Vialone Nano is designated semifino because it is short and stubby. Nano means dwarf in Italian. It produces a super creamy risotto, and is favored in Venice where they like their risotto all’onda – (with a wave), meaning quite loose. You will find more detail on the product page for each type of rice.

Rapio's polenta is made from the bellgrano variety of corn.  He processes the corn in two ways:  Bramata is finer with a deep yellow color.  Integrale has a richer flavor from the use of the complete kernels and their oils.


You can find Rapio in the heart of Italy's best rice growing region, the Bassa Novarese.

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Rapio's Beautiful Rice Fields 

Choose:  Rice for Risotto: Carnaroli or Vialone Nano

Polenta: Bramata or Integrale

Black Rice: Nero Venere (Black Venus)


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